Tony Clark with Big Hollow

CLARK Functional Art creates home furnishings from wood and metal.

CLARK Functional Art designs and builds custom works including conference tables, dining tables, coffee tables, entryway tables, outdoor tables, and art displays. Home furnishings are created from exotic woods including Walnut, Redwoods,Teak, Makha, Rosewood, Acacia, and Ebony. The wood is inlay with re-enforcing butterfly joinery of brass, stainless steal, and other exotic woods to enhance beauty and strength. Master-craftsman detail and finish brings out brilliance and fire of the wood. Table bases and legs  sculpted from steel. The steel is finished with bronze, brass, and chrome.



What is it to be Environmentally Responsible, Eco-friendly, and Green? For me it is only using certified, reclaimed, and recycled woods. All wood from Thailand is certified by the Government of Thailand for export. All wood from within the US is certified by the US Government.

A Thai Government Trade Certificate must be obtained for possession and transportation of all  hardwood. Wood from Thailand is tightly control by the Thai Government Trade and Export Ministry. Government check points along all trade routes and ports inspect all certificates and accompanying cargo. The Thai people care for and protect their forests very responsibly, I maintain the same ethic.



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